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 Our Services

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling enables you to talk about your thoughts and feelings in a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere. Individual therapy helps you deal with a broad range of issues, including grief, compulsions, anxiety, mood, adjustment to change and other concerns.

Family Therapy

Family relationships are complex and interactions can be difficult for a wide variety of reasons. Friesen Counseling Services helps families with a broad range of issues, such as conflicts between parents and children, challenging adolescent behavior, grief, transitions during a divorce, and blended family conflicts.

Friesen Counseling Services provides marriage and couples counseling to strengthen relationships, enhance communication, rebuild lost trust and resolve conflict.

Child Counseling

Children's counseling helps supports children in expressing their emotions, learning coping skills, and improving their relationships through age-appropriate interventions.  Activities include more than just talking:  children play, create, and grow. Ages 18 and under can benefit from this counseling technique.

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